MPST-1 Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Filter Housings

  • Unique design accepts either a 41/2-inch x 20-inch DOE cartridge or a PENTEK Model 420 bag filter (Conversion Kit #243111).
• 304 stainless steel construction with epoxy finish.
• Equipped with several ports for differential pressure gauges.
• Heavy-duty design for numerous commercial and industrial applications.
• Ideal for high temperature or high pressure applications.

The PENTEK MPST-1 Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Filter Housing is designed to accept either a 41/2-inch x 20-inch DOE cartridge or a PENTEK 420 style bag filter. The housing comes standard as a cartridge filter housing but the optional bag filter kit converts it to a bag filter housing in seconds.

Simple to install, maintain, and convert from cartridge to bag filter and back, this housing is ideal for schools, restaurants, farms, institutions and numerous industrial applications.
The MPST-1 housing is constructed of 304 stainless steel and powder coated with two-part epoxy with flow rates up to 50 GPM and maximum temperature ratings at 250°F, making it ideal for hot water and high pressure applications. An adjustable stand is included which adds to its versatility.

It is supplied with two-inch inlet and outlet ports and a threaded drain port for easy servicing. It is also equipped with several pressure differential gauge ports to aid in cartridge or bag filter replacement.