Hot Water Side Stream Filter Systems


• Superior strength and durability with very high operating pressure to 250 psi and temperature rating of 200°F
• Accepts a complete range of 9 3/4" cartridges for application flexibility
• Assures positive cartridge sealing and easy cartridge change
• Sumps available in larger sizes to accept higher flow rates up to 20 gpm
• Available as single housing or as filter assembly


The hot water filtration system is especially suited for side stream filtration of boiler systems. Where solenoid valves are used and frequent water hammer occurs, the Side Stream Filter System is the answer.

Features of Assembled SSF-ST1
• 3/4" nickel plated brass ball valves for fast cartridge changes
• Flow indicator easily displays flow path and flow rate (4-8 gpm) and is constructed of 304 stainless steel
• Brushed 304 stainless steel sump with a brass/nickel plated head
• All units offer a choice of either pipe plug or pet cock in the bottom for draining the sump