Chloramine Reduction Carbon Cartridges


• Utilizes advanced activated carbon technology which results in excellent chloramine as well as superior chlorine reduction.
• CRFC20BB Radial Flow Cartridge.
• CGAC-10 Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge.
• ChlorPlus Series Carbon Briquette Cartridges.


PENTEK® offers three different product solutions for chloramine reduction. Chloramine is increasingly becoming more common as an alternative to chlorine for water treatment.
The CGAC-10 cartridge utilizes traditional granular activated carbon and is used for basic applications where chloramine must be removed. The construction of this cartridge allows water to pass evenly over a large bed of carbon while minimizing channeling or bypass.

The ChlorPlus™ carbon block cartridges will help reduce sediment while providing greater chloramine performance capacities than granular carbon. They will also significantly reduce the carbon fines found in many granular canisters.

The CRFC20-BB heavy duty radial flow cartridge measures 4-1/2” in diameter and 20” long which is ideal for higher flow rate and capacity applications. This cartridge incorporates a 70 micron porous polypropylene outer shell and a spun polypropylene-wrapped core. The bed of granular activated carbon (GAC) between the outer shell and core creates a unique radial flow design which effectively removes chloramine, has a low pressure drop, and helps to reduce fines commonly seen in GAC style cartridges.

All three products utilize advanced activated carbon technology which allows excellent chloramine reduction as well as superior chlorine reduction. The variety of sizes and capacities offered by PENTEK chloramine reduction cartridges make them ideal solutions for both point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) applications.