BFS/BBFS Series Basic Filtration Systems


• Multi-housing systems include wall-mounting bracket and hardware.
• Available with low-profile Slim Line® or large capacity Big Blue® housings.
• All systems are shipped completely pre-assembled.


BFS and BBFS Basic Filtration Systems consist of either two or three filter housings, which are mounted in series, a wall-mounting bracket and hardware.

The BFS-201 consist of a series of 3/8” NPT low-profile Slim Line® housings in series for installations where space is limited. The BBFS systems consist of a series of large-capacity 1” NPT #20 Big Blue® housings allowing for greater cartridge capacities and higher flow rates. All systems are equipped with a pressure relief button to relieve housing pressure during cartridge changes, and are shipped completely pre-assembled.

All of the housings are manufactured of a durable polypropylene, have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial applications.