Third Generation (3G) Standard Filter Housings


Pentek took their time-tested industry standard and made it even better. They started from the ground up, utilizing their 35 years of experience, to create the unique and innovative Third Generation (3G) design. This patent pending design features integral brackets, 20” clear housings, and caps for differential pressure gauges. The new patent pending 3G housing accepts standard double open end (DOE) and our Seal-Safe™ O-ring sealing cartridges (only available on Microguard Cartridges). The new Seal-Safe™ O-ring design offers enhanced cartridge sealing for critical cartridge applications. You can be assured the Third Generation Standard Filter Housing will set the new standard and keep you in the lead.

• Integral bracket versions available.
• Available in 10” and 20” sumps in clear and opaque.
• Buttress threads and uniform walls for easier cartridge change and improved strength.
• Accepts proprietary Seal-Safe™ double O-ring sealing cartridges as well as standard DOE cartridges.
• Cap is available with threaded ports for mounting differential pressure gauge.
• Choice of with or without pressure-relief/bleed button.
• Leak-proof sealing with top-seated floating Buna-N


3G Standard Filter Housings are manufactured from a durable polypropylene or clear Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN). All are equipped with 3/4” NPT inlet and outlet ports.

Reinforced polypropylene housings have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial applications. Clear sumps are manufactured from a clear, FDA compliant Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN). They offer on-site examination of the cartridge and have excellent chemical compatibility as well.

3G Standard Filter Housings are available in both 10” and 20” lengths and will accommodate a wide range of 2-1/4” to 3-1/8” diameter cartridges.